Q and A

Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers!


How do I apply?

The application process is quite simple. You may call, text or email us to get started. We will ask you a few questions to determine the best fit for you and then we will connect you to one of our house managers for an interview.  Contact

If you like you can print our application from this website and fill out ahead of time as well but it is not required.  Documents


What is the monthly cost?

Our monthly sobriety fee is $500. This includes all utilities, Wi-Fi, cable, furnishings, bedding, paper and cleaning products. You are responsible for your own food and hygiene items only.


Do you accept MAT clients?

Yes, we evaluate each potential resident on a case by case basis and determine if they will be a good fit for our housing. Medication assisted treatment is something we are able to work with in most scenarios. We do require a lockbox for ANY medications kept in the home and random pill counts are done by our house managers in addition to frequent UA’s.


Are you able to accommodate parent and child?

We are not able to house parent/child at this time. Our rooms are shared and there simply is not enough space. Children are certainly allowed to visit their parent in our homes and the parent is allowed weekly over nights away from the home if visitation for overnights is desired.


Can I have a TV in my room?

SHO believes that separation, and isolation is the enemy of a healthy recovery program. For this reason we do not have TV’s in the individual guest rooms. You are allowed to use laptop and cell phones with headphones in the guest rooms. Many of our homes have a separate “game room” or desktop computer as well.


Is there a blackout period?

Yes. The first two weeks after move in is considered “black out”. What this means at SHO is the you will need to be home by 10 PM every night, no overnights away from the home and no guests in the home. During this time it will be very important to check in regularly with your house manager and get to know your house mates!

For a list of the “house rules” Check out our document section.  Documents


The rooms are Shared Occupancy? What does that mean?

Our rooms are shared occupancy which means you will have a roommate in the same room. Each of you will have your own furnishings and space. We do our best to match residents so that their sleeping schedules work well and personality conflicts don’t arise. Although often there is an adjustment period and group living can be tricky, we find our residents truly make lifelong friendships and relationships that help strengthen their recovery because of the shared living environment.


Do you accept online or electronic payments?

We accept online payments thru Google pay at soberhousingoregonllc@gmail.com and Venmo at sober-housing-Oregon. Both services are free and will be posted immediately to your account.

Payment in cash, money order, or cashiers check is also acceptable and receipt will be given at time of payment.