Tillamook Men’s HouseNo Vacancy

This completely new built home on 86th and Tillamook is as good as it gets! This location is close to all kinds of shopping as well as a transit center. Give us a call, wed love to give you a tour!


69th Men’s House Vacancy 

Our 69th location is in an up and coming neighborhood and walking distance to great shopping and food! This house is a favorite because of the amazing location across the street fro Tri-met park and ride and the AS-IS church. The interior has been COMPLETELY renovated and all in top notch quality!

The house is 3 stories with an open living space as well as three bathrooms. There is ample off street parking and back alley access.

The residents enjoy a fire pit and horseshoe pit as well.

Foster  Men’s House-  Vacancy 

This location actually is two different homes! There are two homes right across from one another. This little recovery community is great for the new comer who needs full immersion in recovery!

Public transportation and resources will never be an issue at this men’s  location. There is literally a bus stop and the end of the block!

The newly remodeled interiors will make it easy to call home! These single level homes each have 3 bathrooms and great open living spaces.

Come spend your evenings by the fire pit or playing a game of horse shoes with your roommates!

136th Women’s House-  Vacancy

SHO is proud to offer this location to women in recovery. Fresh, clean and filled with natural light, this home will raise your spirits!

This split level home is near public transportation and shopping. There are three bathrooms and an outdoor area for BBQ’S! The newly remodeled interior and open living space will make this a top pick for women in recovery!

Gresham Men’s House Vacancy

Our Gresham property is a single level home with off-street parking, Wi-Fi, cable and in home laundry facilities. This house is a block and half away from the Gresham transit center where there are multiple bus lines available as well as the MAX train.

Many of our residents walk the two blocks to the ECAC for recovery meetings and it is only a few more minutes to many other places where meetings are being held all day!

Butte House Men’s House-  Vacancy

Nature surrounds you at our Butte Home. Powell Butte, a gorgeous nature preserve full of wildlife and hiking trails is literally across the street from this home. This two-story home has off-street parking, Wi-Fi, cable and in home laundry facilities. The Butte home is right off of Powell Blvd and near the 9 bus route as well as many others. This lovely remodeled home boasts a multi-level expansive deck with BBQ and fire pit. With shopping and meeting locations just a few minutes away, the location of this home is fantastic.

144th Women’s House-  Vacancy 

SHO’s 144th Women’s home is a couple blocks from the 148th MAX station! Ideal for commuters! This gated property all has off street parking for those who prefer to drive. The interior of this home has been entirely remodeled and is quite comfortable. There are 3 single occupancy rooms as well as shared occupancy rooms at a lower price.  As with all of our other homes, Wi-Fi, cable and in home laundry facilities are included.

Burnside Men’s House Vacancy 

If you ride public transportation this might be the location for you. Situated a block and a half off of Burnside, this home is right by the 148th MAX station. This single level home is newly remodeled and has a great outdoor living area with lovely landscaping. This home offers off-street parking, wi-fi, cable and in home laundry facilities.

West Side Men’s House-  Vacancy

Our West Side home boasts gorgeous interiors and amazing access to Sunset Transit Center as well as shopping and meetings. The home has three bathrooms and on site laundry. There are two open living spaces with entertainment centers. The kitchen is perfect for those that like to cook, open spaces and gas range!

The backyard at this property is a playground for birds with fruit trees and a lovely natural green canopy.

Milwaukie Men’s House-   Vacancy 

The Milwaukie house is a two-story home on a very large lot. The rooms in this home are spacious. There is a horse shoe pit, BBQ and outdoor seating area to enjoy. The home has plenty of parking for those who drive. This home is blocks away from a place where regular recover meetings are held and it is right on a bus line.

Holgate Men’s House- Vacancy 

This Eastside home is blocks from a park with a basketball court, public transportation and shopping. With two kitchens, a game room, a great outdoor area and gorgeous interior you will undoubtedly be quite comfortable in our Holgate home!