Recovery during Quarentine

We are living in some pretty scary times! Just when it seems like things can’t get any crazier we now hear that states are reversing thier decisions to open up!

As a person in recovery how do you safe guard against those monsters that creep back in as you struggle with fear, isolation and even bordom?

At this time in Oregon we do have access to some “in person” meetings but certainly only a small percentage of what was offered pre-covid and even those it seems may have to close back up for a time. The connection, face to face, hugs, smiles and nods of those who understand our pain are so much a part of the process of healing.

Although on-line meetings are not as personal and for those of us who struggle with tech, not as convenient, they are ever so important now! Find one, two or 10 that you like and stick to a schedule. Be present and attempt to make connections. If you feel comfortable, share, this can help tp keep you engaged, yip will likely get a lot more out of the online meeting this way.

Journal. “Dear diary…” writing your feelings down can really help you to take a closer look and to see where and when you struggle the most. This can be a tool, you see that at night you are feeling especially alone and triggered, plan a phone conversation with a friend or family, watch an comedy or some other uplifting flick before you go to bed. Read a book that you are able to get completely engrossed in! Physical activity, a brisk walk, an online Zumba class or even a hot bath can help distract you.

This is no time to forget the importance of a sponsor! If you have one, use them! If you don’t, GET ONE!!!

Hobbies-silly? Nope! You know theres only less than six months till Christmas! Get a jump start and make your holiday cards. Or how about learning another language? Dualingo is a free app and super user friendly, you’ll be speaking French in no time!

Under normal circumstances, non-apocoliptic, recovery is tough, it takes will and it takes fight. This space we are working our way thru now is far from “normal”. Just remember, One Day at a Time. You got this!