You don’t need to continue to suffer!

You don’t need to continue to suffer quietly, on your own. As so many addicts and alcoholics before you, take that first step, reach out for help. In 24 hours your entire life can be on a completely different path!

SHO provides safe, structured housing for those who need support during their recovery period. Our residents come from all walks of life and all parts of the recovery journey.

Do I have to be clean when I come in?

No, you only need to be ready. In some cases we may refer you to a detox facility if after initial assessment it seems as though your withdrawal symptoms may cause potential medical issues.

Do I have to be “voted” in?

No way. This is not a popularity contest. Everyone deserves a safe space to work on their recovery. If our assessment reveals that you may need a higher level of care we will make the appropriate referral suggestions.

How much does it cost?

Our shared occupancy rooms are $500 monthly and the limited number of single occupancy rooms we offer vary in price from $600-700. At move in there is a $250 deposit that is also due. In certain extreme situations we are able to work out a payment plan to get someone placed before they have their total funding in place. Generally this requires at least half the total upfront ($375) and a very sound strategy to get caught up.

The houses are fully furnished, there is bedding, there are dishes and cable! If you need, we have a clothing closet to help you get a change or two of clothing. If you need food initially, we will get you a food box. The house managers and staff at SHO try to provide more than just a bed to sleep in. We work with all our residents to help in anyway we can to get them to a more stable and successful place in their life. Call, text or email us now, we can help!